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Have you ever been to Moscow? If not, then it's time to take off and explore this magnificent city.

Being a capital of Russian Federation, Moscow is a busy multicultural megapolis where everyone will find something special.

How to get around the city? The most popular transport is of course metro, which is always crowded. However, you can avoid crowds and order taxis in Moscow. There are many English-speaking taxi services in the city, such as Taxi Moscow International. Feel free to choose the one that fits your needs.

The central and most visited sight of Moscow is Kremlin, a monumental architectural ensemble built in the end of the 15th century. The Kremlin territory includes 20 towers, 7 cathedrals, 9 museums, 3 squares and 2 gardens!

Another remarkable attraction is Pokrovskiy Cathedral, or Cathedral of St. Vasiliy the Blessed. It looks more like a gingerbread house than a church. Its onion shaped domes are colorful and easily recognizable. You won't have any problems with getting there, but if you will, you can use a taxi service. Moscow offers a wide range of transport services for tourists.

The Kremlin and the cathedrals stand on the central Red square. Here you can also find a mausoleum of Lenin, a Russian revolution leader. Long time ago, thousands of people from all over the Russia used to come and see the mummified body of their ideological leader, and the queues were huge! However, now the mausoleum is temporarily closed for visitors. When the weather is bad, look for a Moscow cab near the Red square, or order a taxi on the phone it will be the best way to explore the city.

There's also a place in Moscow that attracts lovers of art and beauty from all over the world - Tretyakov Gallery. It houses the world's largest collection of Russian art. Besides, the gallery includes a complex of "house museums" and "apartment museums" where the most prominent Russian artists used to live and work. The gallery also hosts exhibitions of overseas artists. You can take a guided tour or just walk on your own with an audio guide.

Love breathtaking city views from the height? Then welcome to the Ostankino TV Tower. Built in 1976, the tower is 540 meters tall. Apart from its main role, it has an observation deck with binoculars and spyglasses. The height of the observation deck is 350 meters. When the weather is good, you will clearly see the whole city with its suburbs! Two main attractions of the observation deck are a glass floor and the "Seventh Heaven" restaurant. When you step on the glass floor, you'll get an unusual feeling of standing in the air. As for the restaurant, you will be surprised to find out that it slowly rotates, offering you to observe the whole Moscow panorama over a cup of coffee.

Two other famous tall buildings of Moscow are almost identical: a 36-floor building of the Moscow State University and a 29-floor building of the "Ukraine" hotel.

Every large city has its own "Montmartre". The Russian Montmartre is called Arbat. It is a street with historical buildings and open-air art exhibitions. If you are tired from long walks, it's a perfect place to have a rest in a cozy café and watch the turbulent life of the city.

You can also escape from the city and explore Moscow suburbs (Podmoskovie) with its beautiful mansions, estates, palaces with parks and ponds. Check out Moscow taxi rates and prices in the Internet, as taxi is the best option if you're planning to leave the city.

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