Airports and train stations

Moscow is the heart of Russia and a large tourist and business center. Thatís why there are three international airports, three supplementary airports and nine railway stations in the city.

These are the international airports of Moscow:
  1. International Airport Domodedovo. The airport is located 35 kilometers from the Moscow downtown and has the largest passenger traffic volume.

  2. International Airport Sheremetyevo. The airport is located 29 kilometers from the Moscow downtown near the Khimki town.

  3. Internatinal Airport Vnukovo. The airport is located 28 kilometers from the Moscow downtown.

These are the railway stations of Moscow:
  • Belorusskiy Train Station

  • Kazanskiy Train Station

  • Kievskiy Train Station

  • Kurskiy Train Station

  • Leningradskiy Train Station

  • Paveletskiy Train Station

  • Rizhskiy Train Station

  • Savelovskiy Train Station

  • Yaroslasvkiy Train Station

All railway stations are located within 5-10 kilometers from the Moscow downtown and within 25-50 kilometers from the international airports. Itís easy to get to the Paveletskiy, Belorusskiy and Kievskiy railway stations from the Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo airports, accordingly.

Letís see which way to get between the downtown, airports and train stations is the fastest, cheapest and most convenient both for tourists and business travelers.
There are several ways to get from the city to the airports via the railway stations:

1. By Aeroexpress trains: The trains leave every hour from the Paveletskiy railway station to Domodedovo, every 30 minutes from the Belorusskiy railway station to Sheremetyevo, and every hour from the Kievskiy railway station to Vnukovo. Travel time is 20-35 minutes to Sheremetyevo, 40-50 minutes to Domodedovo, 35-40 minutes to Vnukovo. You can easily find the train schedule in the Internet.

Advantages: New trains, comfortable seats, coffee on board.

Disadvantages: Relatively high price, long intervals.

2. By regional trains: The trains leave from the Paveletskiy railway station ONLY to Domodedovo, travel time is 1 hour, the schedule is available in the Internet.

Advantages: Relatively low price.

Disadvantages: Long travel time, no comfort, crowds, irregular schedule.

3. By shuttle buses: Buses to Domodedovo leave every 15 minutes from the Domodedovskaya metro station, travel time is 25-30 minutes. Buses to Sheremetyevo leave every 20 minutes from the Rechnoy Vokzal metro station, travel time is 30-40 minutes. Buses to Vnukovo leave from the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station, travel time is 25-30 minutes.

Advantages: Relatively low price, short travel time, comfortable buses, short intervals.

Disadvantages: Crowds because of advantages described above.

4. By taxis: You can rent a taxi at the airport but it will cost you a lot, and most drivers donít speak English. However, thereís a decent alternative: you can order a fixed-price taxi that will take you anywhere you like. You wonít have to use public transport after you leave a train or a shuttle bus. With Taxi Moscow International youíll get an excellent service with intelligent drivers and a variety of vehicle classes to choose from. Besides, you can pay with your credit card so you wonít have to waste your time in search for cash machines or currency exchange points.

So thereís a wide range of options to choose from when you come to Moscow and leave it. Choose the best way according to your needs and preferences, and have a nice time in this magnificent city.
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